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Instant Synchronization

When you add your business information, Listing Empire searches the web at once to find and integrate all your listings from the top 200 directories including Google, Yelp and Yellowpages. Our dashboard shows your NAP for each listing, including any outdated or incorrect information.

Enhance Your Business Data

Listings are not limited to just your NAP information. With our platform, you can enhance your business profile on certain directories by adding more information including working hours, photos, videos and menus.

Duplicate Suppression

Your online business information is gravely affected by duplicate listings. Listing Empire's integrated dashboard allows you to view all the duplicate listings on a particular site and select the most accurate or up to date one, so that we can remove the duplicates that are negatively affecting your online reputation.

Automated Claim Wizard

To eliminate the repetitive and tiresome process of finding and claiming all of your listings across the web, Listing Empire lets you automatically claim your listings directly through our dashboard and allows you to monitor the progress of your business verification.

Monitor & Respond To Reviews

Interaction with your customers is made simple and easy. Our dashboard allows you to manage reviews and social interactions and connect directly with your customers even both of you are on the go.

Social Interactions

Listing Empire allows you to interact with your customers via their social network. By tracking down any reference to your business across social media channels, you can participate in any conversation initiated.

Customise Your Profile

You can edit your business information directly from the dashboard if there is any inaccuracies in your profile. You can also enter additional information about your business to enhance your listings such as photos, menus, social media pages, etc.

Track Your Rankings

Your business rankings are the core metric for your online success. Our platform tracks your rankings from the moment you sign up and shows you the changes over time. We track up to 50 keywords per location on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp & Yellowpages.

Notifications On the Go

Customers are highly appreciative of prompt responses. With our real-time review updates, you can quickly send a response whenever you receive any reviews about your business. You just have to activate your notifications to alert you of new updates.

Unlimited Updates

You can change your info any time and everytime. We instantly sync your business data across the web.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations or are a marketing agency with our recently developed multi-location dashboard, you can view information about all your locations in one place. This includes your listings, reviews and rankings. If you do not want to see them on your dashboard, you have an option to archive them.

Import and Export Bulk Data

Our platform has the capability to import or export bulk data from numerous locations at one time. You simply upload a CSV file with the business details of all your locations instead of adding individual locations, thus saving you time.

All Of Your Data Available As Reports

Our powerful analytics component keeps track of how each location is performing and you can export reports anytime.

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